Camp Supervisor: Resume Example, Skills, Job Description

Expert tips for writing a camp supervisor resume, job description and skills plus interview questions. Learn the secrets to create an impressive resume that captures attention; craft your ideal job description, identify key skills needed and important questions to ask in an interview.

Camp Supervisor Resume Example 2023

camp supervisor resume

Camp Supervisor Job Description

The overall success of a camp programme is the responsibility of the camp supervisor. They ensure that camp activities are safe, organised and enjoyable for campers. They will also be in charge of ensuring that camp policies and regulations are in place. They usually report to the camp director. They may have a staff of counsellors, cooks and other camp professionals that they are responsible for supervising.

Camp Supervisor Key Responsibilities

Plan and implement camp activities
Communicate with parents and guardians
Oversee safety and emergency preparedness
Develop and enforce camp policies and procedures
Monitor camper behavior and ensure safety
Monitor budgets and resources
Resolve conflicts and address concerns of campers and staff