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Dental Assistant Resume Examples

The person who helps the dentist throughout the treatment process by studying the dental assistant course is called a dental assistant. You can apply for a job with a dental assistant, dental assistant resume example.

Find out what is a Dental assistant, Dental assistant duties, skills, current Dental assistant salaries, job description and resume titles for candidates who want to pursue a career in the dental assistant job.

Dental Assistant Resume Example 2022 Word / Docx / PDF

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Dental Asisstant Resume Example Docx Word
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Dental Assistant Job Description

A dental assistant is someone who assists the dentist in the entire treatment process, including operations. A dental assistant can work in Government hospitals or in different institutions such as private hospitals, clinics, or practices.

In summary, it is the person who assists the dentist, secretariat, sterilization, and operations besides the dentists.

Dental Assistant Resume Objective

Dental assistant career goals include working with a dentist, getting a job in a private clinic or government hospital. The dental assistant should always be attentive and act quickly. At the same time, paperwork and computer use should be good. Create a list of examination appointments for patients.

Dental Assistant Resume Skills

a) Save the dental and medical information of the patients on the computer,
b) To know the devices, tools, and basic consumables used in dentistry,
c) Cleaning, maintaining, and protecting the devices and tools used in the application,
d) To prepare the patient and the materials to be used according to the treatment (root canal treatment, surgery, dental filling, etc.),
e) Preparing the patient for a dental x-ray,
f) To perform sterilization and disinfection (sterilization methods, infection prevention methods) in dentistry,
g) Arranging the practice, materials, appointments, and hours of the patients, meeting the patients, keeping patient records,

etc. performs tasks and procedures.

Dental Assistant Job Requirement

The requirements of a dental assistant are exactly the process of working and interacting with the doctor. In addition, the dental assistant must have time to organize the office, timely order medicines, instruments, consumables, disinfect and sterilize the instrument. When these responsibilities need to be fulfilled, they cannot be cut with the help of a doctor.

The assistant, as a rule, comes to work before the doctor and then leaves – to prepare the workplace before accepting patients and always be with the doctor. Dentists often work in shifts – before or after lunch. Assistants are also not in the clinic from dawn to dusk, their working days depend on the doctor’s schedule, but are longer than the first supervisor.

Dental Assistant Salary 2022

The average Dental Assistant salary in the United States is $39,995 as of September 27, 2021, but the range is generally between $35,471 and $44,381. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors such as education, certifications, additional skills, number of years in the profession.