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Medical Receptionist Resume Examples

How to Write a Medical Receptionist Resume Example Editable resume is available for free download in Pdf and Word format. Medical Receptionist requirements, skills, salaries.

Get a professional medical receptionist resume example before applying for a job as a medical receptionist in a hospital or alongside a doctor. Find out about medical receptionist job openings and salaries.

Medical Receptionist Resume Example 2022 Word / Docx / PDF

Medical Receptionist Resume
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Medical Receptionist Job Description

The medical receptionist job description acts as the primary contact between the patients and doctors or medical personnel. They must involve in all works that include marinating the patient’s check-in list, scheduling the appointments, and other administrative tasks. They even answer the phone calls to clear the doubt of the patient and make appointments for the patients. They are usually employed by hospitals, medical offices, health care centers, and outpatient clinics. They need to greet the patients coming up to the hospital for check-ups. The need to keep track of the numbers of patients visiting the hospital daily by entering their details in the log along with their contact details and reason.

Medical Receptionist Resume Objective

Medical receptionist resume goal, To be successful in medical receptionist resume objective, he must be open to learning and insightful. Resume goals for medical receptionists include taking on administrative jobs if working in the doctor’s office. He should answer the phones and create an appointment list for patients.

Medical Receptionist Resume Skills

Skills required for the medical receptionist:

  • The medical receptionist needs to possess excellent skill set to work efficiently.
  • They must possess high level people skills to confer with the patients and offer them effective services by scheduling their appointments and giving details regarding the availability of the doctor.
  • Possess good memory to answer the doctors or patients without looking into the reports and remember several surgical procedures offered by the hospital along with their costs.
  • The medical receptionist must be computer literate and have minimum knowledge of various Microsoft applications.
  • Possess good call etiquette skills to answer the phone calls and give proper response the queries placed by the patients.
  • They must be able to work under stress and give good results by completing the assigned tasks efficiently.
  • They must have good idea about various medical terminologies.
  • Possess good managerial skills and inter personal skills.
  • They must be able to work independently or work within a team to get good results.
  • Possess good typing skills with speed of at least 35 WPM to enter the details of the customer visiting the hospital.
  • Possess good customer service skills to attract the customer by offering efficient services to them.

Medical Receptionist Job Requirements

Educational requirements for a medical receptionist

  • The medical receptionist must have some good educational background and have experience of working in an administrative department.
  • They must know the basic names of all the medicines and several tests that are provided by the hospital.
  • It is not mandatory for a candidate to complete the degree course. Only few hospitals or health care centers hire the medical receptionist who have completed degree course.
  • The basic educational qualification required for the medical receptionist is high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • They must have prior real time working experience in a medical office.
  • On completing master’s degree in business administration, the medical receptionist has higher chance to become medical office manager.
  • They must have knowledge about various clinical procedures and have details regarding the cost of the surgery.
  • They can even complete associate degree programs offered by any recognized institution with main subject as anatomy, physiology, first aid and medical terminology.

Medical Receptionist Salary and Remuneration 2022

The salary of the medical receptionist is purely dependent on the work setting and location of the hospital. The other factors that alter the salary of the medical receptionist are experience, employer type, industry type, and specialization that they possess. As per the statistics defined by the American labor association, the mean salary of the medical receptionist is $ 24,800 per annum.

  • Years of Experience
  • For the medical receptionist with experience of less than one year, the salary range is between $ 20,000 and $ 40,500 and the hourly salary range is between $ 7.99 and $ 14.98.
  • For the medical receptionist with experience between one to four years, the salary range is between $ 20,203 and $ 36,129 and the hourly wage range is between $ 9.28 and $ 15.10.
  • For the medical receptionist with experience between five to nine years, the salary range is between $ 23,052 and $ 41,235 and the hourly wage range is between $ 10.52 and $ 16.00.
  • For the medical reception with experience between ten to nineteen years, the salary range is between $ 24,101 and $ 42,742 and the hourly wage range is between $ 11.90 and $ 17.10.
  • For the medical receptionist with experience of twenty years or more, the salary range is between $ 27,701 and $ 44,452 and the hourly wage range is between $14.51 and $ 20.50.