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Baby Nurse Resume Example 2023

baby nurse resume

What is a Baby Nurse?

Baby nurses are healthcare professionals specialising in neonatal and infant care. They look after premature babies, newborn babies and infants. They ensure their safety and well-being. Baby nurses also provide help and support to new parents, helping them to establish routines and providing emotional and physical support.

Job description Baby Nurse

As a baby nurse, you will be responsible for the care of newborns and infants in a healthcare setting. You will be responsible for the monitoring of the baby’s vital signs, the provision of medical care, the administration of medication and the provision of emotional and physical support to the parents. In addition, you will be responsible for setting up feeding and sleep schedules and monitoring the baby’s growth and development.

Baby Nurse Professional Summary Examples

Experienced baby nurse with over 10 years experience in safe and effective neonatal care.
Compassionate and patient baby nurse with a specialism in the care of newborn babies and assisting new parents with the establishment of routines.
A caring and dedicated baby nurse with a passion for providing high quality care to babies and helping parents to adjust to their new role.

Example of Top Baby Nurse Skills

Compassionate and caring approach
Excellent patient care skills and good communication skills
Knowledge of the care of newborn babies and infants
Ability to establish and maintain routines for neonates and infants
Strong organisational skills and ability to multi-task

Examples of Work Experience for Baby Nurses

ABC Hospital, Assistant Nurse, June 2024 – Present

Provided comprehensive care, monitored vital signs and administered medications as needed to newborns and infants in the neonatal intensive care unit.
Developed individual feeding and sleep schedules for newborns and infants. Provided emotional support to new parents.
Assisted in the delivery and postnatal care of newborns. Provided support and guidance to new parents.

June 2025 – Present ABC Hospital, Assistant Nurse

Provide direct patient care under the supervision of a registered nurse or doctor
Take vital signs and administer medication to patients
Assist with patient care activities. Provide emotional support to patients and their families.

XYZ Clinic, Auxiliary Nurse, June 2018 – May 2020

Assisted with direct patient care, supervised by a registered nurse or physician
Took vital signs and administered medications
Offered emotional support to patients and their family.

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