Cardiac patients receive exceptional care from a cath lab nurse. Experienced in monitoring, diagnosing and treating cardiac conditions, they bring a vital combination of skills and knowledge to the role. This resume sample will impress with its excellent clinical skills, expertise in the application of technology within the cath lab, and strong interpersonal communication skills.

Cath Lab Nurse Resume Example 2023

cath lab nurse resume

What is a Cath Lab Nurse?

A Cath Lab Nurse is a highly specialised type of registered nurse who works in a cardiology department or in a cardiac catheterisation laboratory. They are responsible for the safety and comfort of patients who are undergoing procedures such as angioplasty, stent implantation and pacemaker insertion. They must be knowledgeable and experienced in using medical equipment, assessing and educating patients.

Cath Lab Nurse Job Description

Cath lab nurses provide specialised care to patients undergoing cardiovascular and endovascular procedures. You will need to be skilled at using medical equipment, assessing patients and educating them. This includes the proper use of sterile technology, infection control and patient monitoring. They must also be able to administer medication, perform diagnostic tests and provide patient education. In addition, they must be able to respond to emergency situations and provide compassionate care to patients in a stressful environment.

Cath Lab Nurse Professional Summary Examples

Highly experienced cath lab nurse with over 10 years experience providing specialised care to cardiovascular and endovascular patients.
Skilled in using medical equipment, assessing and educating patients. Experienced in medication administration, diagnostic testing and emergency response.
Commitment to the delivery of compassionate care to all patients in a high-stress environment. Experience in infection control, sterile technique and patient monitoring.

Top Skills for Cath Lab Nurses

Knowledge of medical devices
Patient assessment
Patient education
Sterile technique
Infection control

Examples of Work Experience for Cath Lab Nurses

Cath Lab Nurse, ABC Hospital, 2024-Present

Assisted doctors in the performance of angioplasty, stent and pacemaker procedures.
Administered medications. Monitored patients for post-procedure complications.
Helping patients understand what they need to know.

FAQ: Cath Lab Nurse Resume Examples