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Browse resume examples prepared by experts to write a professional resume for Critical Care Nurse (ICU) jobs. Learn about Critical Care Nurse salaries, resume summary and job description.

Critical Care Nurse (ICU) Resume Examples Word / Docx / PDF & Resume Writing Guide 2023

Critical Care Nurse Resume Sample Docx Word Format
Critical Care Nurse Resume Sample Docx Word Format
Format:Word (Microsoft) & PDF

What is an Intensive Care Nurse? ICU Nurse Job Description, Professional Summary, Resume Objective, Responsibilities and Duties

how to writing resume for critical care nurse
how to writing resume for critical care nurse, resume sample

What is an Critical Care Nurse?

Critical care nurse is to diagnose patients with complex and life-threatening diseases, to constantly monitor the health of patients, to apply quality and advanced intensive care and treatments, to establish and inform therapeutic relationships with patients and their relatives.

Critical Care Nurse Job Description for Resume

  • I can ensure that necessary precautions are taken to prevent the development of intensive care infections.
  • I can provide patient monitoring. I use non-invasive monitoring techniques in monitoring, monitor the cardiac rhythm, and communicate with the necessary team in case of emergency.
  • I plan, implement and evaluate appropriate nursing care by considering existing and potential problems related to fluid-electrolyte and acid-base balance.
  • I plan, implement and evaluate the attempts to solve the respiratory problems of the patients, and give care to the patient on the ventilator.
  • I fulfill my nursing duties in accordance with the psychosocial problems of intensive care patients and their relatives.

Critical Care Nurse (ICU) Professional Summary for Job and Resume

Critical Care (ICU) Nurse Professional Summary for Resume:

  1. I work as an intensive care nurse. I have worked in many hospitals professionally. My communication with patients is strong.
  2. As an intensive care nurse, I worked to combat the covid virus in the pandemic. I took care of many covid patients and overcame all the risks.
  3. I worked as an intensive care nurse during my internship. I want to start a professional nursing job that requires experience.

ICU (Critical Care) Nurse Resume Objective for Resume

As an experienced intensive care nurse, I have worked in many hospitals and with professional doctors. I want to be more professional in the nursing profession. For this, I have to work with doctors in a more professional hospital. You can write an critical care nurse resume objective example like this.

Critical Care Nurse Duties for Job

The person responsible for treatment and patient care in the intensive care unit is the intensive care (icu) nurse. There are many duties and responsibilities associated with patients. For this, after graduating from university, he must have an intensive care nursing certificate. From the moment the patient is admitted to the intensive care unit, the intensive care nurse hospitalizes the patient and ensures the adaptation of the patient’s family to the unit. Appropriately records nursing interventions and ensures continuity of care. Complies and adapts to infection prevention, cleaning, sterilization and isolation techniques required in nursing care. Performs dressing, vascular access, urinary catheter and care of the patient. It allows the patient to be fed with formula orally or by means of a probe. It feeds the patient intravenously when necessary. It monitors fluid intake and output by recording blood pressure, oxygen level, and heart rate. Monitors and interprets heart rhythm, recognizes fatal rhythms and knows and applies necessary emergency interventions. It allows patients to sleep and listen by controlling environmental stimuli.

Critical Care Nurse Responsibilities for Job and Resume

Critical care nurse responsibilities collect data about the patient’s health and notify the specialist doctor of the changes. Participates in diagnosis and treatment attempts together with the specialist doctor. The nurse should prepare the patient for this treatment attempt. Collects blood, urine, fluid and tissue samples for laboratory examinations of the patient; sends it to the laboratory, evaluates it and informs the patient’s physician. Knows the types of drugs that should be applied to each age group, their different doses and possible side effects; Adhering to the principles of drug applications and drug safety, administers enteral, parenteral and external drugs to the patient according to the physician’s request; Observes and records the effects and side effects of the drugs and treatments administered, the patient’s responses to treatment and care, and reports them to the relevant parties when necessary.

Top 5 certifications required for a critical care nurse career.

  1. Basic Life Support for Healthcare and Public Safety (BLS)
  2. Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC)
  3. Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Care Nurses (CCRN)
  4. Basic Life Support (BLS)
  5. Family Nurse Practitioner

What is the Critical Care Nurse Salary? 2023 Intensive Care Nurse Salaries

The average salary for an Intensive Care Nurse is $6,961 per month. The lowest Intensive Care Nurse salary is $4,055 and the highest is $9,839. If you want to receive a salary like the salaries above. You can look at Intensive Care Nurse job postings and plan your career here.

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