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Physical Therapist Assistant Resume Sample 2022

Physical Therapist Assistant resume example
Physical Therapist Assistant (PRN) Resume Template

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Physical Therapist Assistant Resume Writing

Resume Objective

To work as a physical therapy assistant and help patients in combating with physical injuries by designing specialized physical therapy sessions.

Summary of Skills

  • Extensive knowledge of physical therapy techniques and designing physical therapy session
  • Physically fit to handle all sizes of patients
  • Experienced in offering whirlpool baths, paraffin baths, electrical stimulation, massages and exercises
  • Skilled in assisting and monitoring patients during exercise
  • Sound knowledge of diagnosis and identifying areas and reasons of pain
  • Ability to apply manual resistance during exercise and perform chest compression for CPR
  • Excellent agility and manual dexterity to perform tasks safely and efficiently
  • Skilled in collecting and integrating patients’ data
  • Expert in prioritize and handle multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Sound knowledge of feeling pulse, muscle tone and ability to hear heart and lung sounds


  • Medical Assistant
  • Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)
  • Master Therapist (MTAPA


Physical Therapist Assistant – Company Name Sample, City, State | 2023- Present

  • Treating variety of outpatients with modalities such as whirlpool, massage, exercise, paraffin bath, joint mobilization and electrical stimulation
  • Assisting physicians in diagnosing patients
  • Recording vital signs and weight of patients
  • Answering phones and ordering supplies
  • Helping patients in filling out insurance forms
  • Teach patients to use crutches

Physical Therapist Assistant – Xyz Company Name, City, State | 2019 – 2021

  • Assisted physicians in evaluating patients’ conditions and planning therapy
  • Acted as a member of physical therapy team for cardiopulmonary rehabilitation
  • Maintained patients and supplies records
  • Disinfected tools for use by the therapist
  • Demonstrated use of wheel chairs, crutches and other mobility