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If you’re looking for a job as a software engineer,, developer resume, this is the place to start. With helpful advice from our expert recruiters, we’ve put together the best guide on how to write a software engineer resume that will get you hired. In addition to reading through our tips and tricks, check out the sample resumes below – just click “Edit Resume” to craft your own perfect resume in no time. No design skills needed!

Remember that context matters.

When writing a resume for an IT position, you must remember that context matters. You are writing for a specific company, job, position and role. Your resume should be tailored to the position that you are applying for as well as the team you will be working with at that company. For example:

  • If you have experience with Python and Django then it is important that your resume demonstrates this fact. You could include this in the “Skills” section of your tech portfolio by including some code samples or mentioning in passing how much time you’ve spent studying these languages recently (i.e., “I’ve been learning Python 3 over the past several months”)
  • If there were certain situations where your previous employers needed help troubleshooting their infrastructure then don’t be afraid to insert those details into your description of yourself on LinkedIn or elsewhere online (i.e., “I’ve also helped troubleshoot issues related to networking.”)

Software Engineer Resume Example 2023

Software engineer resume example
Software Engineer Resume Examples

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Tailor your resume to the job description.

As you prepare your resume, it’s important to know what skills and experience the employer is looking for. You can learn this by reading the job description carefully. The company will outline its expectations in terms of education requirements, previous work experience, technical skills and more.

It’s also a good idea to use the job description as a guide in terms of which skills and experience should be included on your resume. It will give you an idea of what skills are most relevant to the role that they’re hiring for.

If there are several positions listed on one page or website – such as “Senior Java Developer” and “Java Developer,” focus on tailoring your application materials (cover letter and résumé) for each position separately. If there aren’t any major differences between them (e.g., years of experience), then just tailor your cover letter once but customize each résumé individually so that it highlights only those parts of your background that are relevant for each position being advertised.

Include soft skills as well as technical skills.

Soft skills are important for the workplace, and you can improve them. For example, communication is a soft skill that can be improved through practice and experience. The best way to learn how to communicate better is by interacting with other people at work or in your personal life, such as by starting a conversation with a coworker or friend. Another example of a soft skill is patience; this can be developed by trying not to get upset when things don’t go according to plan or when you make mistakes that cost time or money.

Use keywords, not just in your summary, but in every section.

  • Use keywords to find the job you want. If you’re looking for a role as a software engineer and your resume doesn’t contain the words “software,” “engineer,” or “programming,” your chances of getting noticed are slim.
  • Use keywords in your cover letter. When applying for jobs, always try to include relevant industry terms in both of these documents. This helps ensure that recruiters will understand what you’ve written and why it’s relevant to their company or client.

Don’t go all the way back to your first job, unless you’re a new grad.

If you are a new graduate, then it may be appropriate to include your first job. If you have been working for many years, I would recommend not going back more than six or seven years. The reason for this is that an employer will want to know what types of skills and experience you gained over time. They don’t need to see where it all began!

Describe what you did, rather than just listing your responsibilities.

It’s tempting to list the responsibilities of your job, but don’t waste space on that. Instead, use this section to describe what you did. Rather than saying “I was responsible for updating and maintaining our internal database,” say something like “I wrote code that updated our internal database and processed incoming data.” This shows how you were successful at doing what was required of you, which can be helpful for interviewers who want to know why they should hire you over other candidates. It also demonstrates that you understand what it means to do your job well and can show them how effectively–or not–you’ve done it in the past.

A good software engineer resume can be written with a little work and this is a good place to start

A good software engineer resume can be written with a little work and this is a good place to start. You can write a good software engineer resume by paying attention to the details. You can learn more about writing a good software engineer resume by reading this article.


If you’ve been following along and writing your own, you should have a pretty good software engineer resume by now. If not, that’s okay too, because we’ve got a few options for you to consider. First is the free resume builder on our site—you can find it here. It walks you through the whole process, step by step and includes plenty of examples and pre-written phrases to get you started. You can also download our free software engineer resume template at the bottom of the page if you want to reference it as you go or use it as a starting point for your own work. And finally, we offer professional resume services that include a one-on-one consultation with one of our experts and up to three rounds of edits for your document (if desired). Whatever option works best for your needs, we thank you for spending time with us and wish nothing but success in landing your next dream position!


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